When did you realize you wanted to be a doctor?

What was your Key moment?

What’s Your Key Moment?

Life is made of moments. From your first tee-ball game to your first day of medical school, each of these moments has had a hand in bringing you to where you are today. As a doctor, your moments will become even more critical; they’ll become entwined with the opinions of those who teach and guide you, the inevitable challenges you will face and the lives of every patient you encounter. We at ClinicalKey vow to provide you with the on-the-go, clinical knowledge that empowers you to thrive in the Key Moments that matter most.

Whether it's happy or sad, simple or profound, your Key Moment was whatever made you stop and say to yourself, "This is why I want to be a doctor."

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Lead With Answers

From mending a broken arm to sending a grandfather home for his 80th birthday, medicine is full of Key Moments. When the questions are critical, ClinicalKey delivers fast, concise answers on the spot. It’s the clinical search engine that thinks and works the way you do, making it easier to find and apply the relevant knowledge you need to shine in each of your Key Moments.


ClinicalKey answers questions quickly, recognizing relevant clinical concepts as you type and providing shortcuts through 1,400 Topic Pages.


ClinicalKey gives you accessible, complete answers and evidence for clinical questions across multiple specialties — including 1,000+ books and 600+ journals for deeper insights.


At the patient's bedside or on the go, mobile-ready ClinicalKey makes it easy to discover, share and apply complete, clinical content and multimedia in new ways.


Throughout their careers, healthcare professionals worldwide trust Elsevier’s content and technology to support better clinical decisions and improve patient outcomes.

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What inspired us?

"I realized I wanted to be a doctor when I saw t..."
justin y
"Since I was 3 years old. I'd always go to the p..."
veronica t
"The moment I gave my presentation about the sit..."
fan y
"When I was about 13 I held a new born baby for ..."
alex v
"The days I spent watching my sister recover fro..."
angela w
"The thought of being welcomed into human lives ..."
farah d
"I knew I wanted to be a doctor when I took care..."
emily o
"When I volunteered in Haiti on a medical missio..."
vivianna z
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